Juno Tri Fidget Spinner with r188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Juno Tri Fidget Spinner with r188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

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The Juno Tri Spinner features an Aluminium body with Rainbow plated Stainless Steel inserts in the arms. This fusion of materials and colour creates not only a long and satisfying spin time but also a captivating visual effect mid spin.

It weighs in at 70g with a diameter of 62mm, a thickness of 13mm and a removeable r188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing.

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All our Spinners are precision CNC milled from 100% Solid Metal and use only the highest quality r188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings. This produces beautifully crafted and perfectly weighted Spinners that achieve both effortless and satisfying long spins.

Only using precision machining are we able to manufacture our Spinners to the tightest tolerances possible ensuring perfect balance and smooth spinning with minimal friction.

All our spinners feature an easy removable bearing system. Simply unscrew the lock ring to access and remove the bearing for cleaning and replacement.

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